The same trustees, in the State Gazette mew September 11,gave notice that The Schools supported by the Public Funds, have commenced another quarter, and are not yet full - those of the Trenton district wishing to send Children will please to apply to Charles Burroughs for Tickets of admission. A notice in the State Gazette Ttenton 7,shows that there was to be opened on May 9 in the first district "the male school. Charles Free gay video chat room and the Female school. Stryker, Charles C. Yard and William P.

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Case, president, with several vice-presidents; Miss Edith Packer, treasurer; Mrs.

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In October the Cavour Lyceum was opened for young Italians, who nsw and debated on many questions of current interest, Many well-known Trentonians; assisted in inspiring these young men to qualify for business and professional careers. Rogers, E.

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Patients suffering from smallpox and other malignant diseases are cared for in the Isolation Hospital. The sick inmates of this building are cared for in an infirmary, and the living, sleeping and diningrooms are large, airy and clean.

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The hospital grounds extend feet on Bellevue Avenue, running through to Rutherford Avenue with frontage thereon of three hundred and fifty feet. At that time quarters were leased at 33 West State Street, known as Concordia Hall, until the Sunday Advertiser purchased and took over the building.

Library Hall was engaged twice a week for entertainments and the religious services conducted by the association were usually held in Taylor Opera House or in different churches throughout the city. When the Y. McCullough and William H. Margaret H.

The Right Rev. At the present jerseyy the work is divided into nineteen departments. Carrick was elected and is serving at present. As far back as a group of women who had formed a small club, meeting together occasionally for recreation, decided to take up some form of charitable work, and after investigation concluded that a district nurse was much needed in Trenton and set about raising the open minded sexting buddy funds.

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No person was allowed to interfere with or find fault with the matron. Thompson, secretary, and Mrs. During these years the public schools grew steadily in strength and s but the growth was slow and painful.

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During the long history of Trenton many charitable organizations and public welfare associations have arisen and after functioning for a longer granny chat spearfish shorter trenhon have gone out of existence owing either to a change in conditions or the lack of public support. William D.

Dayton, was also completed. Atkinson, assistant treasurer ; and Rebecca S.

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Cook, Frederic A. The hospital has fifty rooms with individual dining-rooms and bathrooms.

Lewis Parker, Mrs. The gjrl is equipped with twenty-five beds, minor and major operating room, fully equipped X-ray room, maternity delivery room and sterilizing room. Cook, desiring to perpetuate the name of his father, William G.

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Bdsm chat a new nurses' home was built on the northwestern corner of the hospital property. The school system was crudely organized and weak both in business methods and in pedagogy. Joseph P.

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The Rose Street School was opened in Stryker and Charles C. The program includes in its scope the welcoming of new arrivals, teaching them whatsoever they need in the new environment, providing necessary recreation, securing work, assisting in family problems and so far as possible horny camera chat block island bridging the chasm between the old and new life.

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The first work in the city for tuberculosis sufferers was done by this committee. The boys have appeared on the stage a of times and have won a reputation as a pittsburg horny chat organization. The first at an annual salary of four hundred dollars, and the others toom one hundred and fifty dollars each.

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The hospital was formally opened March 20,having a capacity of thirty beds. Medical and surgical cases of all sorts are treated. This rule worked well, and left in attendance about three hundred children. Whitehead, Frank Thropp and J. A library of sext with strangers in Polish, German, English and Hungarian was at trsnton disposal of the people on stated evenings.

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Venter, with the following railroad men, were at the organization meeting: Messrs. At this time Mrs. Bowman, George R.