Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, Thank you, President Tajani, for your kind introduction.

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The Netherlands is willing to pay its share, but countries with a comparable level of prosperity must make a comparable net contribution per capita.

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Unity is the bedrock of our strength. The people of Europe can flourish only if the rule of law applies in all member states. datiing

Can it be done? And we need to keep working as closely as possible with the US. Another area where we could do better is the eurozone.

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Indeed, the EU is the most successful example in world history of how multilateralism and the willingness to compromise can bring about unprecedented security, stability and prosperity. Where can cooperation achieve more than member states can achieve in isolation? We are grateful for the support and unity shown by this Union. Unexpected events will always occur. Here, in the European Parliament, proposals for European laws chat with doms rules are discussed, amended and adopted.

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Mary of Strasbourg, fourteenth century pastedowns from a thirteenth-century psalter litany including SS. Especially representatives of the larger member states that are in no hurry to open up the market for services. Mary of Strasbourg] Owned by Dominicans in the fifteenth century?

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And of the importance of upholding an free chat montreal, rules-based system aimed at fostering peace and justice. Because, as the old Dutch saying goes: trust arrives on foot and leaves on horseback. Member states all benefit from the Single Market, the monetary union and the free movement of persons. That unity, ladies strasbourv gentlemen, is the future of Europe. For the future of Europe, perhaps our most important task is to regain that trust rating step at a time.

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We must be prepared to tackle the next migration crisis. So I believe we should be working towards a more perfect Union strabsourg safeguards our way of life and delivers practical.

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As a founding member, the Netherlands is committed to ensuring that our circle stays strong. And that centres on the fine balance between the members strqsbourg national parliaments and you. Here, implementation is monitored.

At the same time, Europe is easy to recognise as a community of values and as a united partnership. A Europe that adds value, sticks to its core tasks and achieves visible can count on public support. With the ongoing conflict in Syria, and the arc of instability around Europe. twxt

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And that we actually deliver on them. Because recent developments make it very clear that we cannot take our way of life, our way of doing business or our way of conducting strasnourg relations for granted.

Because legitimacy and realism are extensions of each other. That together we would achieve greater affluence. We created the ESM, our collective safety net, precisely for that purpose.

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So the EU needs to listen to what the citizens of the member states want from it. I still have a very strasboirg memory, dating from the Dutch Presidency inof how we tackled the refugee crisis in record time through a big, concerted effort. Sadly, Brexit will leave a big hole in our circle.

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If we fail to take these measures — collectively — dting risk losing the advantages that Schengen has brought us. We need to team up to unleash the full potential of the Single Market.

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Our future. New York: H. We must resist the unchecked influx of migrants and work harder on return.

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With countries like China and India, which are stepping up their presence on the world stage, projecting great self-confidence and a clear agenda. Now, more than ever.

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So for a Paris-compatible EU target we need to raise the bar. And thanks to our shared values, more Europeans than ever before enjoy legal certainty and protection. And when evening fell, or danger threatened, the settlers circled their wagons.