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Believing that it would be good to get into the next room doesn't justify trying to get there via the chhat, especially when there's a door available.

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The text added by IBeatAnorexia includes the following: If you feel it is absolutely necessary to act against consensus, then be prepared to be reverted, and to explain yourself in detail, v**rmillion. It's still not justification for everyone always doing it. Don't p to tell me what I "know".

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In reality, we both know how dumb that sounds, mature chat harwaj how dumb it is in practice. You're supposed to ignore anything that makes that harder. I hardly think that doing so would be a waste of time. WP:IAR is not about rebuke or lack thereof.

You get it now! We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism. Maybe I'm wrong on both, but I'm pretty sure I'm spot-on on the former, and spot-on about this.

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Has any attempt been made to rein in this particular user? You're absolutely correct that IBeatAnorexia can ignore the rules if they think they're improving the project. This bypss doesn't suggest that we fail to improve the encyclopedia by foolishly ignoring other people.

That user seems to have gone away, so I've unprotected. I'd imagine he thinks otherwise, which is why he continues to do it.

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That's also what I'm saying right now. Note that this has been done in the past; you can't have your cake and eat it. Accordingly, the rules are impossible to be changed to perfection. Thanatosimii19 April UTC We achieve ability quite easily- logs of admin actions are easily viewable straight chat all.

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I've suggested to IBeatAnorexia that reverting without discussion random chat gender filter ineffective, but not that it's against some "rule". It's been demonstrated time and again that almost everyone disagrees with you, but you continue to bypass free sex chat rooms manhattan as a matter of fact.

However IAR doesn't say that believing that you're improving the Wiki makes all practical concerns melt away. We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market. IBeatAnorexia's problem isn't about breaking rules, it's about trying to chat a locked car door with a wet noodle - ineffective. Maybe it is true to a certain degree, but the most times I've seen IAR used was in deletion discussions, used by non-trolling editors attempting to push their viewpoint.

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IAR doesn't say "throw away common sense". Remember that revert warring against consensus doesn't work, and in the end, if you can't convince people that your alternativ chat was correct, be prepared to accept that you've been overruled by the community.

I don't think anybody's ever argued that it means that. And even if you v*rmilion, others may disagree with you, and thus it still applies because they think the rules are stopping them from improving the project. v*rmiillion

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There is obviously a problem with IAR, and I'm not the only one who's saying so, shima sex chat we should at least attempt to fix it. That's not about IAR; it's about common sense. I guess if you think that I think IAR is a kludge, then your response might make sense, but I don't, because that would be stupid. Or maybe the reason why this debate often stalemates is because people swoop in and decry the fact that it doesn't get anywhere.

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It's the ultimate cop out, or in this chzt is easily applied to provide the ultimate cop out excuse for asinine behavior. And I'm sorry you feel it is, but what is decided here affects the entirety of Wikiepdia, and there's really no downplaying that.

The editor is welcome to chzt that ignoring people and reverting repeatedly le to some kind of improvement, but that would algerie chat a delusional belief, because it actually le to no effect at all, except for maybe being blocked, after enough reversions. Just because something may be a bad idea to you doesn't mean it's a bad idea to them.

I'm not talking about rules, I'm talking about reality.

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It's about justifying asinine behavior instead of engaging in behavior that le or is intended to lead to consensus decision-making. This is actually a hell of a demonstration as to how asinine this "policy" is. If you don't want to engage in these conversations, go write articles, but stop complaining when people actually want to clarify policies that are abused and shakily defined.


V*rmillion chat bypass

It merely proves my point - it's a disruptive, incoherent policy that can never be used "properly," and the protests because this person is ignoring rules you're okay with simply outlines the further hypocrisy. Finally, Thanatosimii said that we should not waste v*rmiolion time "bickering" over this rule. IAR can't condone revert warring, because it condones actual improvement, not improvement that's new holland pa sex chat and foiled.

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It's always the exact same thing replayed ad nausium. The issue is that what you're saying lacks a lot of relevance - this person is acting well within the spirit of the policy. This is quickly becoming one.